We're Getting Married

September 24, 2022 ∙ McDonough, GA

We are so excited to share this journey with you!!


It all began on Facebook Dating!!


Tia and I met on facebook dating in June 2020. I started talking trash about Tia's dirty pidgeons (Atlanta Falcons) and Tia called my Cowboys Cowgirls. We exchanged messages for a couple of days and on the third day, I told her I was thinking about her and she said, "well why didn't you call me." We exchanged a few more messages and I Facetimed her. We decided to meet in person and on the appointed day I pulled up to her home. She came out to my car with a Falcons t-shirt. I was so nervous so I figured she was nervous. I kept asking if she was alright and if she was comfortable. She seemed very calm and cool, but I was a nervous wreck. We talked and listened to music in my car for about five hours and I went home. We set another date and decided to have dinner at Applebee's. After dinner, we went to the park and again laughed and listened to music all night until early in the morning. About two weeks later, during Father's Day weekend, I told her that I think Ioved her. She said she was thinking the same thing, but was afraid to tell me. At that point, I knew she was "THE ONE" and we have been inseperable ever since. 

Three months later, we were in the mall and I purchased an engagement ring without her knowledge. We decided to take the kids to Perdido Keys, Florida for Spring break and I decided it would be the perfect time to propose. I had Jordan and Brianna buy flowers and LED candles and I had Michall and Tiana occupy Tia until it was time. At about sunset, Michall blindfolded and escorted Tia down to the private beach outside our condo. She was fighting him and complaining the entire time until she heard our song "A Couple Of Forevers" and she realized I was about to propose. As she came down to the beach, Michall took off her blindfold and she started crying. I gave a short speech and at the end I asked her if she would do me the honor of accepting my hand and marriage. She said yes and now we cant wait to live #HappilyElderAfter.

September 24, 2022

McDonough, GA